Meet Your Good JuJu Team

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Who We Are

Hi!!!! We are Karen Adamski and Claudia Loens, your hosts of the Good JuJu Club. Welcome!


We are two middle-age, life-long friends. We are moms, sisters, mothers, wives and daughters who have been blessed with multiple careers in our lifetimes. We know first-hand about the challenges and joys of life, love, raising children and handling health issues.


As best friends for about 3 decades, we have been there for each other. We've cried together, laughed together (thankfully, more laughing than crying...LOTS of laughing!). We've supported each other while raising families - loving each other’s kids as our own. We've built our own businesses and cheered each other on, sometimes pulling one another through the hard times. 


At this point in our lives, we realize how important it is to get into and stay in a positive vibe. It simply makes life better for us and those all around us. This is why we created The Good JuJu Club.


GJC is not just about products that create a good vibe – it’s about community, service, healing and the law of attraction. We want to spread good juju wherever and however we can. We’re soooo glad you’re here! We hope you’ll enjoy your experience with us.


Join us on Facebook and Instagram as part of our Good JuJu tribe – we love you and wish peace and blessings to each of you!

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