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drinking crystals with bottle 3
drinking crystals with bottle 3
drinking crystals with bottle 3
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drinking crystals with bottle
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Crystal Water Kits


Energize your water with the right juju! Crystals included are: Clear Quartz, Shungite, and Bloodstone. Comes with crystal descriptions and instructions.

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You hear it everywhere you go – drink more water! What if you could drink water that has been enhanced by Mother Earth? Few people know that you can add crystals to your water glass or bottle and enjoy the benefits of crystals! Our water bundle includes three stones that give your water a healthy, peaceful vibration…plus, they are reusable, time and again!

Our Shamamama has blessed each stone and explains how each of these crystals may benefit your body. Add them to your water today and let us know when you notice a difference!

Clear Quartz: Energy amplification, programmability and memory.

Shungite: Cleansing, antibacterial, immune boosting, EMF buster.

Bloodstone: Purification, strength, courage & vitality.

Note: These stones can be a choking hazard when used improperly. Please use a water bottle with a “fruit” diffuser as seen in the example to avoid choking. Keep out of reach of small children. Water bottle not included.


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