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Vibrational Charging Coasters


Discover the energetic healing of crystals when you use one of these Vibrational Charging Coasters. Each are uniquely created and designs will vary randomly. They may not look like the product photo.

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Charge your favorite beverage on one of these beauties! Each is uniquely designed with a theme in mind (note: color/crystal variations differ for each theme and may not look like the product image).

When you pair these coasters with a high vibration, law of attraction mindset, you’re sure to manifest what you want in your life. These coasters will lift the vibration of you, your food and your life. You can also use these as a treatment tool to transform and release negative, blocked emotional and physical energies.

From VibesUp.com:

A must try!! We recommend doing these treatments 1-5 times a week. The more the merrier. After purchasing two coasters, simply hold one on the front and one on the back of someone and relax for 3-5 min. Nature knows what the priorities are to be released and where the helpful energy is needed the most. Out with the ickies and in with the LOVE, nature’s energy will always work in sync with us and never override what is in our free will or best interest. Everyone’s treatment is unique and all coasters are handmade, so no two are exactly alike!


When these coasters were professionally tested, the machines showed that the food energy level would rise and the coaster level would go down. Then the coaster would recharge itself to full strength again. This recharging ability is due to the coaster’s unique built-in natural crystal batteries combined with the liquid crystal and natural oils. These coasters never need clearing and will not hold negative energies. You may use them to clear and charge anything around your house: your regular jewelry, crystals, etc.

(VibesUP jewelry never needs clearing and is also self-recharging)


Abundance, Health, Love, peace


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