Crystal Gridding to Manifest Your Desires

Harness the energetic power of crystals; set your intention and activate - it's that simple!

What is Crystal Gridding?

Crystal gridding utilizes the energy of earth crystals coupled with the geometry of the planet to manifest something into your life or simply enhance a part of your life on which you wish to focus. Here are some examples:

  • Abundance
  • Wellness
  • Inner peace
  • Focused Chakras
  • A new job or promotion
  • Relationships
  • Clarity
  • Any goal or desire

What will you manifest?

How to Set Up Your Crystal Grid

Karen Adamski discusses crystal gridding and shows you an example of how to do it, particularly with our crystal gridding kit. You don't have to buy our kit to set up your own grid - use whatever crystals you have the resonate with you and go for it!

How to Cleanse a Set of Crystals

After you've used your crystals for a grid, you should probably cleanse them. Think of it as washing your dishes before you eat your next meal. By cleansing them, you can clear the energy of the previous grid and start fresh! Looking for smudging tools? Check out what we have available.

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