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color therapy glasses set
color therapy glasses set
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Color Therapy Glasses


Color therapy glasses are popular for promoting different feelings associated with the Chakras. Each one offers a unique combination of experiences when used for 20-30 minutes. Watch the video above to learn about each color. Comes with color and chakra information card with affirmations.

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What is Color Therapy? 
Color Therapy, also known as Chromatherapy, is a long-used technique that involves the use of color in promoting wellness. Color Therapy has been around for at nearly 1,000 years. The theory is that our bodies “feed” off of certain colors within the visible spectrum of natural light. By using Color Therapy Glasses for 10-30 minutes each day, it may be possible to positively impact and regulate your emotions.

Benefits of Color Therapy 
Color Therapy is said to provide various benefits based on the color selected including: Increased relaxation, appetite suppression, increased happiness, higher confidence in speaking, and more. Comes with Chakra/Glasses information card with affirmations.

chakra colors with glasseschakra affirmations

WARNING: Wearing Color Therapy Glasses will alter your vision and may impair your ability to see traffic lights or other important visual cues. Do not wear Color Therapy Glasses while driving, operating heavy machinery, or any other hazardous activity. Do not wear for prolonged periods of time. Recommended use is 10-30 minutes per day. This product can be dangerous if used improperly. Use common sense at all times.
Color Therapy Glasses

Aqua, Green, Indigo, Orange, Red, Violet, Yellow, Full Set


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